About Us

Our founder was a museum quality contractor for several decades. He spent his career creating beautiful residential and commercial properties with the utmost care. During the construction process he would make sure to take every precaution into account so the process of construction runs smoothly with each project. He would spend countless thousands on the surface protector Econo Runner to make this happen.

He was fed up with what they were offering and decided to take it upon himself to create a product that was not only more affordable but high quality. A product that was easy to use and had the non-slip stick that would prevent injuries and damages on the job site.

The Pad ‘N Protect Runner is the revolutionary product that has changed surface protection. It rolls out with the best protection for your construction needs and was made by a former contractor who wouldn’t expect anything less. Pad ‘N Protect produces excellence for contractors, homeowners, movie makers, and all the movers like none other. We serve to protect your all needs.