Whether you're remodeling the walls of your set, renovating, involved in movie production, moving, or constructing a new setting for your projects, you need protective products right away. At Pad ‘N Protect, we make it easy for you to find the right products for your needs and we're thrilled to welcome you as part of our family.

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Pad ‘N Protect provides a comprehensive solution to all your protection needs. As experts in protecting your valuables, expensive furniture, property, and anything else you don't want to risk harming or damaging, we promise to keep your construction tasks running smoothly with our range of protective products. From duct tape, corner guards, and plastic sheeting, to masking tape and floor protection runners, our variety of products bring comfort to your lifestyle and allow for complete space satisfaction. We are committed to keeping your work MOVING forward.


Floor and Surface Protection

Pad ‘N Protect offers efficient and effective ways to protect hard surfaces, with defining attributes that bid farewell to dirt, debris, and damage. Our one-of-a-kind products provide unparalleled protection for your valuables, furniture, and property.

Why compromise the protection of your hard surfaces when you have the Pad'N Protect runner?

The surface protector from Pad 'N Protect is an all-in-one solution for all surfaces, from floors and stairs to handrails, countertops, cabinets, and more. With moisture-resistant plastic film on one side and soft fabric material on the other, it serves as an excellent slip-resistant and reusable runner. This cost-efficient runner is an easy-to-use alternative to expensive shields and other products that protect your entire surfaces. If you're still unsure why Pad ‘N Protect runner is the best protection product for your needs, let us show you!

Pad ‘N Protect runner stands out from the rest with its unique features: easy application, anti-slip/pull, reusable and eco-friendly, non-toxic, water/paint proof, impact-resistant, and flexible on any surface.

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Why You Need Us?

Why risk damage to your precious items when you have a solution to all these problems? With Pad'N Protect, you can not only avoid defacement of your favorite pieces of furniture but also keep damages at bay. Our company excels at serving all your protection needs, with a goal to protect the construction needs of our customers. We understand how spills, dings, scratches, and dents can ruin your construction site, affecting not only the ambiance of your space but also your budget and timeline. Let Pad 'N Protect provide you with the protection you need.

That's why we offer excellent protective products like corner guards, dust protection, plastic sheets, and masking tape to make your construction and renovation tasks hassle-free. Whether you're looking for protective products for your high-scale construction site, moving rentals, film location, construction site, or dwelling, Pad ‘N Protect has got you covered. Purchase our premium quality runner, tape, sheets, and other protective parts to ensure your space stays protected.

Protecting your valuable items and spaces doesn't have to break the bank. At Pad 'N Protect, we design budget-friendly products that are readily available to all. With a commitment to innovation and revolutionizing the industry, we strive to be your one-stop service for all your protective needs. From securing job sites to improving safety, our products cater to a wide range of professionals including movers, contractors, and filmmakers.

Pad 'N Protect Tapes

At Pad 'N Protect, we take pride in offering a wide variety of protective products for your convenience. From long-lasting masks to durable duct tape, our products are designed to provide the best resistance against weathering and wear.

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