Protect Vs. Repair

Building or renovating an existing home is an exciting and often dreamed about experience for many people. Home values have jumped dramatically in the last year, resulting in a huge boom for home renovation projects.

Protection during Home Construction/Renovation

Houses under construction or renovation are often more susceptible to damage than at any other time. As a general contractor or a family looking to DIY their renovation, it is vital to be proactive in the protection of the whole home. Proper renovation protection also helps keep the home free of dirt and debris resulting in better air quality and easier cleanup. An expert contractor understands that there is value in keeping high quality standards. Pad ’N Protect runner offers superior protection when stacked up next to competitors such as Ram Board. Our multi-surface runner is flexible and impact resistant and features anti slip technology that is both reusable and eco-friendly.

The cost of repair is more than just financial. 

The need for repairs can delay your home renovation and result in expenses for your business. When your team needs to repair a feature in a client’s home, the cost extends beyond the financial aspect of the repair. The need for a repair may result in that client not referring your services to a neighbor or friend. In most cases, the cost of a repair is far greater than the upfront cost for surface protection. The need to repair flooring and other surfaces can cause great delays in job completion. Often there will be a wait for construction materials in addition to the repair itself. When it comes to home construction, there is no room to cut corners.

Proper job site protection is essential in preventing the need for repairs and establishing trust in your business brand. 

How can a General Contractor Protect a Job Site?

Considering that your construction team will make multiple trips in and out of the home with various tools and building equipment, you will need to keep a variety of surfaces protected. When proper protection and care are not a priority, contractors can crack and damage floor tiles and drywall. Repairing residential flooring and appliance fixtures can be costly and time consuming. Careless planning can also cause less severe damages such as scratches and scuff marks, mirrored surfaces, appliances, wall fixtures and paint. Pathways, doorways, stair railings, countertops and appliances all need to be protected. Home contractors will need premium quality surface protection, sticky mats and masking tape to safeguard valuables in a home. 

What sets a Great Contractor apart from the rest? 

A great general contractor understands the amount of care that needs to be taken to prepare and protect a job site before they start. Using a multi-surface protectant like Pad ’N Protect runner communicates care, competence and aptitude to your client. A home renovation is more than a job to an experienced contractor. A great contractor knows the value and pride homeowners have in their property and demonstrates this in appropriate protection.  

Home Protection during Construction

  1. Lay down floor protection
  2. Create a Threshold shield
  3. Ensure that Booties and PPE are used
  4. Cover Doorways and Corners 
  5. Protect Delicate Surfaces (Mirrors, appliances, glass,etc) 

Why is Job site preparation important for home renovation? 

Site prep is important, especially if your team will be walking around multiple corners, doorways and stairs. Proper protection ensures that the job is done well and safely. Surface protection can also prevent slips and falls for your team as well as the client’s family. There is extra time and effort spent on preparing a job site, but the time spent on avoidable repairs is longer. 

 Proper Home Renovation Protection

- Ensure you start with clean work space.

- Starting with a clean work space will prevent scratches from dirt and debris.

- Use Pad’N Protect Runner along all surfaces

-Use Tack Mats to stop dirt and dust

-Use plastic sheeting to protect against dust

 What makes Pad ’N Protect runner different from competitors? 

Our premium grade surface protection is more cost effective than ShuBee surface liner while also providing a better quality product. Our runner adds another layer of cushioned protection to prevent surfaces from damage, paint, and liquids during demolition, renovation, construction, moving, and more. The runner is a uniquely designed protective product that offers the best floor protection in the construction industry. 

Whether you are brand new or a veteran contractor, your reputation is crucial to the future of your business. Construction site protection is essential when it comes to the success of your business. If your team is ready to try a premium quality product that is affordable for every budget, request a sample through our site or by emailing

 “It is always cheaper to do the job right the first time” -Phil Crosby

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Why Construction Paper Actually Damages Flooring

Using construction paper products is a common choice for flooring protection among contractors. But while this may be one of the most popular shielding methods, it can actually harm the very surfaces we’re trying to protect. 

So why are construction papers still the go-to solution? Is there a better alternative available? In this post, we take a look at how the most prevalent products are leaving damage in their wake, and explain how Pad ‘N Protect floor runners provide superior protection for project sites. 

How Does Construction Paper Damage Floors?

In order to understand why construction papers can so easily harm flooring, you need to know how it is composed. Common products like Ram Board, X-Board, Builder Board, or White Vapor are made with paper fibers. Most often, these are single-layer rolls, but some have a slick sealant on the backing. In both cases, the side that contacts the floor is prone to shift and slide. 

Without a firm grip against the flooring, the covering can slide all over the surface that’s supposed to be shielded. This creates a “sandpapering” effect, grinding any grains of debris into the ground below. By the time the work is complete and the paper is removed, some contractors find the unwelcome surprise of a floor that looks like it has been sanded. Some have also discovered wheel tracks and scuffs created by moving equipment over the paper. 

If contractors aren’t especially careful about cleaning the floors before laying paper down and securing it with tape, there’s a high likelihood the floors will still get scraped up through the duration of the work. But it can be difficult to get floors perfectly clean when teams are pressed for time, and often wearing dirty gear. 

Unfortunately, the sanding issue isn’t where the damage risk ends. Construction paper has other vulnerabilities as well. Contractors frequently have issues with it ripping during the tape-down process, or even tearing underfoot when crew members walk through the work site. 

This is because the paper structure is often too thin and inflexible to hold up under stress. It’s easy for a small tear to develop, and once that’s happened, it takes only a little added strain to pull the rip wide open. Such a lack of durability puts flooring at greater risk of damage throughout the duration of the project. 

Can Construction Paper Damage be Fixed?

Problems typical of construction paper include scratching, pitting, and full-on sanding away sections of the floor’s finish. These issues can be repaired, but they usually require resurfacing the floors and coating them with new layers of stains and varnish. In scenarios where this isn’t sufficient, the floorboards or tiles may need to be replaced completely. 

This is unfortunate because, in many cases, contractors choose construction paper as a cost-saving measure. But going with this cheaper material can actually cost more money due to the repairs and rework needed to address any resulting damage. It’s not unheard of for these damages to incur legal costs as well, in circumstances where displeased customers file suit. 

What’s a Damage-Free Alternative to Construction Paper?

After hearing from countless other contractors, the results are clear: even the market’s most popular construction papers aren’t delivering the protection needed to keep floors and other surfaces damage-free. 

Contractors who want to avoid any of the hassle and expense created by construction paper damage need a covering that is flexible, durable, and soft enough to wholly avoid the sandpapering effect. 

All of these qualities can be found in fabric-based materials, the best of which are composed of gentle cotton like material. This type of structure securely protects flooring against any abrasion. Instead of slipping around and dragging debris particles along, cotton floor protectors lay firmly in place and create a layer of padding. 

Of course, cleaning the flooring surface beforehand is still advised for the best results. With clean floors, cotton like material. coverings can form a better grip and maintain maximum stability.

Pad ‘N Protect Runners Provide Better Flooring Protection

The problems seen with typical construction papers are what led us to create our cotton-based Pad ‘N Protect runners. We experienced these troubles first hand in our work as contractors, and that frustration pushed us to develop a surface protector that would avoid all of the pitfalls of the standard industry solutions.  

Pad ‘N Protect is engineered to provide the best possible shielding for hardwoods and other vulnerable materials. Its true non-skid construction combined with a soft, cotton-like backing prevents any scratching from taking place. The waterproof top layer is easy to clean, but not slippery, avoiding any risk of falls or dislodging. These runners are highly durable and tear-proof. While they do offer great impact resistance, we recommend laying them over masonite for heavy duty protection. 

If you want to upgrade from standard construction papers and give your work sites a new level of protection, we invite you to request samples and experience the difference for yourself. 

Ready to place an order? Get a bulk discount by calling 1-833-900-1712 or e-mail

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How to Protect Hardwood Floors During Construction

When your work zone is set right on a hardwood floor, keeping the surface adequately protected can present quite the predicament. The standard white stuff rarely does the job, and alternatives can actually end up damaging the floors themselves. 

But settling for sub-par floor protection can have big consequences. If your crew leaves scratches, scuffs, and stains behind, you’re bound to see customer complaints come your way. More often than not, you’ll take a hit to both your profits and your professional reputation. 

Your company might be forced to cover the costs of the damaged hardwood and the labor needed for its replacement. And after having such an experience, clients may feel compelled to leave a negative review, or warn others to choose another contractor for their own projects. 

Can your business afford these blows? Likely not. That’s why it’s critical to start using truly reliable surface protection. In this post, we go over the key qualities you’ll need to look for when deciding on hardwood floor protection for construction, and explain how Pad ‘N Protect floor runners rank as the best solution on the market. 

Keep Coverings Efficiently-Sized

One of the most basic requirements of a good construction floor protector is practical sizing. Contractors need a solution that will keep setup and cleanup simple, and working with excessively large, unwieldy coverings can make that impossible. 

The ideal runner should favor length over width. This will allow it to easily fit through doorways, hallways, and other awkward spaces where tarps and such are too bulky to be useful. Strips can be laid horizontally to cover long stretches of space, and the narrowness makes it easy to fit portions into odd corners. 

Choosing a runner with these types of dimensions will not only make setup more convenient, it will also result in fewer expenses. Purchasing wider but cheaper rolls is actually likely to cost you more money over time. 

All that extra width ends up getting folded up along the walls, or cut away and disposed of. You’ll end up with more waste, meaning that you’re paying for square footage that never gets used. With a narrower floor runner, you’re able to use only what you need, getting the perfect amount of coverage for even the most unusual layouts.  

Look for Multiple Factors of Cost-Minimization

The last point brings us to the matter of cost efficiency. Aside from sizing, there are other factors that can affect how much you end up spending on your temporary floor protection

One of them is reusability. A runner that provides great value will allow you to get many uses out of it before requiring disposal. You won’t need to continually re-stock, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of material when you’re due at another job site. This means no more emergency runs to retail shops, where you’ll pay top price for whatever’s on the shelf. 

Another factor is multi-surface application. When you can use your runners on walls, cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces, you won’t need to purchase separate materials. All of your needs will be covered by a single covering that can adapt to any environment. 

Seek Easy Transportability

When your crew heads over to a new project site, you’re often hauling truck-fulls of materials. Keeping those loads as light as possible is essential to cutting down setup time and ensuring your team doesn’t waste too much energy on unloading. 

Good floor coverings should be lightweight, and come in compact rolls that can simply be tucked under an arm. Instead of hassling with heavy mat rolls or large pieces of cardboard, you’ll be able to swiftly transport your runners from truck to work zone and get started. 

Favor Residue-Free Solutions

Some of the common solutions for hardwood floor protection have an unfortunate drawback: residue. For example, the red pigment of rosin paper can easily seep into flooring, especially if conditions are wet or humid. 

Using this type of covering can result in the need for extensive cleanup, and if the surfaces are particularly porous, you might not be able to get all of that pigment out. This presents another opportunity for damage that can become your financial responsibility. 

Opting for a residue-free floor runner is essential to minimizing damage risks and saving time on cleanup. Pigments should not be present, and any adhesive backing should also lift away without leaving a trace. 

Prioritize Impact and Liquid Protection

A good floor covering isn’t merely a sawdust catcher. Properly protecting a floor in construction conditions requires a superior barrier system that can shield against both liquids and impacts. 

Any paint, varnish, glue, or other liquids being used on the job should be repelled by an impenetrable surface. This is where typical paper-based coverings often fail, since liquids can easily soak through to the floor beneath. 

Runners must also cushion well against impacts from dropped tools, nails, and other items. Of course, there is still a limit to how much protection a runner can provide. Strong impacts or contact with the sharp end of heavy objects will require additional cushioning. 

It’s not uncommon for contractors to choose thick cardboard or masonite to achieve adequate padding, but using these materials alone opens the door to abrasion. These materials are too rough on flooring and easily create a sanding effect, especially when particles are present beneath them. 

The best solution is to look for a high quality runner that offers good impact protection on its own, but can work as the perfect underlayer for heavy duty padding when needed. 

Choose Non-Skid Applications

Last but not least, a superior protector provides an immovable surface. The underside should gently bind to the floor in a way that fixes the runner to the spot. 

Your crew can work comfortably without worry of slipping, or accidentally exposing the floor. This also prevents the aforementioned sanding effect from ever taking place, since the covering cannot shift as workers move upon it. 

Pad ‘N Protect is the Industry’s Best Construction Floor Runner

Everything you’re looking for in high quality hardwood protection can be found in the Pad ‘N Protect floor runner. These lightweight 32”x100’ rolls are designed for hassle-free installation and unsurpassed protection. 

The waterproof barrier at the top shields against any spills or splatters, and the cottony bottom guards against impacts while creating non-slip adhesion. A clean surface is left behind, and they can be reused on a variety of surfaces time and time again. 

At the lowest price per square foot on the market, these runners offer the best value in the industry. Bulk discounts are available to make your dollar go even further. If you’re ready to upgrade your flooring protection and cut out wasteful spending, we invite you to request samples or reach out to our team to arrange a bulk order. 

Get Better Flooring Protection Today - Shop Now

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What Is PadNProtect Runner And How To Use It?

High Quality Surface Protection for Construction

Residential contractors know the importance of not only completing a remodel, but also completing it perfectly. They are held to a high standard of not only the final product but also the build process along the way. With over 20 years in luxury home construction, Pad’N Protect Founder understands the importance of getting the job done right the first time.

What is Pad’N Protect?

Pad’N Protect runner is a revolutionary multi-surface protection. This easy-to-use runner features advanced protective abilities that other products on the market cannot match. Pad’N Protect runner is a uniquely designed reusable product that provides protection to wood floors, tile, metal, glass, and other surfaces. Pad’N Protect runner is completely paint and waterproof and features anti-slip technology while also being tear-proof.

Easy to Use

Pad’N Protect runner is an easy-to-use cost-efficient surface protectant. The adhesive underlining will not leave any residue that requires cleaning and can easily be used multiple times. Pad’N Protect runner is the perfect size to fit through most standard door frames and it’s lightweight makes it effortless to transport.  The cushioned, tear-proof and water-proof surface prevent paint spills from becoming disastrous. Its white coloring makes it easy to maintain a clean bright work environment.

Instructions for advanced protection using Pad’N Protect

Proper use of Pad’N Protect runner is essential in keeping your home clean and protected from costly damages.

  1. Properly wipe down all surfaces - starting with a clean surface allows Pad’N Protect runner to stick accordingly. Be sure your area is well swept before laying Pad’N Protect runner down.
  2. Overlap Pad’N Protect Runner seams - our team has found that when the edges of Pad’N Protect runner are overlapped with the next layer, the protective layers are able to prevent more dust and dirt particles from getting under the protection. For the most durable surface taping all seams is recommended.
  3. Roll it up- you can use it again! Once you’re done roll it back up and the Pad’N Protect runner and you’re good to go!

  4. Odd shapes are no problem- stairs or over the counter down the sides of cabinets works great! Need just little mat size? No problem just cut a small section and use that!

Protection during Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of any home both big and small. This is why kitchens are the most popular room to remodel. In your kitchen you have a variety of surfaces from stone and glass to wood and metal. How do you protect floors, kitchen cabinets and appliances during construction?  You need an easy and durable way to protect all those surfaces with peace of mind. 

Multi-surface Pad’ N Protect runner features a highly flexible and easy to apply design that will wrap around corners and bulky appliances. You worked hard on designing your dream kitchen, you want to protect it from scratches and dents. Pad’N Protect runner can help you avoid costly repairs and loss of time during the construction process. Protecting your flooring can help you to avoid costly accidental repairs.

Whether you are a contractor or DIY’er looking to tackle your kitchen remodel yourself, Pad’N Protect runner is the best way to protect floors, kitchen cabinets and countertops during kitchen remodel.

Safety for Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels are the second most popular room to remodel in a home. Bathroom remodels pose a unique set of safety requirements when remodeling. Bathroom tiles can often be slippery and easy to scratch with simple tools. Mirrored and glass surfaces require little pressure to crack and scratch. These scratches can be unsightly and may require replacement, you can avoid this with proper protection before starting your bathroom remodel.

Pad’N Protect runner features a unique adhesive technology that allows it to stick to surfaces without the use of taping. This prevents dust from being trapped underneath like typical protective liners. When dirt and debris become trapped under floor liners, they can be crushed and easily scratch surfaces. The smallest dust and dirt particles can damage glass, tile and mirrored surfaces. This adhesive technology also prevents slips and falls during construction.

Safeguard your floor during Move-In/Move-Out

Moving furniture into your new home should be done with care.  Apart from avoiding damage to your prized possessions, you also want to ensure that your new flooring and surfaces are both clean and avoid damage. Pad’N Protect runner is impact and puncture resistant while also working great on wood and other smooth surfaces. In addition to surface protection, using a combination of sticky mats at the door ways and shoe covers are an easy and economical way to keep floors free of damage during a move.

Pad’N Protect runner also offers an anti-slip surface that creates a stable and safe surface for you to move bulky furniture. Then non-skid surface causes the runner to stay in place. Unlike moving tarps, other protective films or cardboard, Pad’N Protect runner has an adhesive surface which prevents it from moving. This extra layer of protection prevents your floor from being scratched from dust and dirt.

High End Protection for Everyone

High End home builders such as Mueller Homes and  Calvis Wyant understand the importance of not only a safe work environment but also a clean space that provides protection. For many, your home is an investment in yourself and your family. We want to help you protect that investment by providing you a high quality surface protectant that is easy to clean, maintain and utilize.

After spending 20+ years in luxury construction builds and remodels, our founder set out to provide high quality protective equipment that would be accessible to both high-end contractors and first time do-it-yourself individuals. Luxury Remodelers like Sleeping Dog Properties are a step above because they use high quality products in not only their build process but also in their protective equipment. This is what our founder set out to achieve; luxury protection at an affordable price point that is accessible to everyone.

You can purchase Pad’N Protect runner online or request a sample from us online. We stand by what we claim and want to show you how Pad’N Protect can help you.  

First time customer discounts, special deals or bulk discount call us at 833-900-1712 or email.

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How Do You Protect Hardwood Floors When Moving?

So, you are all set to move into your new dig. You might be considering rearranging your old furniture and buying new pieces to add a new vibe.

While moving to a new house is exhilarating, it comes with a whole set of problems you never considered before. Resetting or buying chic furniture is not the only thing you need to think about.

Floor protection, however, is something that requires a sheer amount of consideration when moving. It becomes even more important if your new home has hardwood floors.

Keep in mind that your hardwood floor is the single typically the largest piece of millwork in a home making it an important investment to maintain. It comforts your lifestyle, adds value to your house, and brings you overall satisfaction with space. That is why protecting your hardwood floor from heavy furniture and dropped boxes is essential.

Here we have gathered some excellent solutions to this problem, which will keep your hardwood floors safe, shiny, and beautiful.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors When Moving

Floor Covering

Scratches, dents, and scrapes are common when your new home undergoes remodeling or renovation. Even an accidentally dropped paintbrush or a heavy tool can leave a big stain or ding on the hardwood floor surface. It not only ruins the floor surface but also costs a lot to repair. Moving furniture can also cause scratches that are hard to remove. That means you must know techniques to avoid floor damage.

Covering your hard floor before moving furniture or when remodeling is an excellent way to prevent scratches, dents, and scrapes. High-quality floor protectors like PadNProtect runners are ideal for keeping your floor intact. They are a form of shock-absorbing protective gear you can use for any area. The runners are reusable, so you can use them in the future if necessary.

All you need is to roll out a runner and cling it to the floor with its slip-resistant and non-adhesive backing.

Avoid Dragging Furniture

When you drag heavy or light furniture across the hardwood floors without any floor protection, it can damage them. Regardless of the type of wooden floor, dragging will ruin the finish and surface, defacing the wood.

Carrying lightweight things and stack boxes on rubber tires or dollies is one way to avoid this problem but rubber tires can pick up pebbles and debris that can cause damage. This means best practice is to use floor protection even when using a dolly! Avoid dragging when moving heavy furniture, such as a dressing table, chairs, or couches.

You can cover their edges and feet with a solid and soft fabric. You can also wrap them in secure padding. It will help protect hardwood flooring if you or a mover accidentally drops anything on the floor.

If there is no protective felt or barrier at the bottom of your stuff, now is a time to use it. They are especially important if you rearrange the furniture in your home on a regular basis.

Use Quality Cardboard

Cardboard is a common go-to option for moving items because of its convenience. When you have many unused boxes, you don’t need, making a cardboard path might seem like a logical thing to do. While in some cases the idea is helpful, it can create numerous other problems if you use unused card boxes.

Note that cardboard slides around on the floor acting like sandpaper and this causes damage. Of course, it is abrasive, and sliding makes it not only damaging but dangerous to slip and fall. Cardboard from larger items frequently has staples and strong glues in the seams which can also cause damage to the floor to an adjacent wall while laying it down. It does not end there; if cardboard gets wet while on a surface the inks can run and stain your floor!  

That is to say, cardboard in your home might be fine for a quick fix. You can place it under a bulky appliance and furniture that needs to be set down.

However, using a high-quality cardboard or corner guard designed by the experts such as Pad N Protect is the right solution for you walls. Pad N Protect corner guard is an impact-resistant and quality cardboard protection. It prevents a wall corners from dents, dings, and damage that could also be costly. It can also help you avoid the commonly damaged corners at a lower cost. Stays on with safe release tape to allow cardboard to stay on the wall.

Try Furniture Sliders

You might have seen furniture sliders in different ads and thought that they could offer good hard floor protection. Fortunately, these sliders make hauling in bulky items much easier. But you need to lift the corners of the item you want to move and slip the sliders underneath.

Repeat it until you cover all areas touching the hardwood floor. Once covered, you can slide the furniture anywhere it needs to go. These gadgets are handy for bulky and heavy objects such as chests, sofas, and armoires. However, you will still need a floor protection runner to avoid any damage the slider’s edges may cause.

What is Pad N Protect Runner- How can You Use it

There is no denying that PadNProtect runner is the ultimate solution to protect your hardwood floor. Whether you use cardboard or furniture sliders, the importance of making a smooth path cannot be stressed. The floor runner is cost-efficient and provides the best protection with its anti-slip, tensile strength, easy-to-use features.

Spread the runner across the floor before you start moving items or furniture to protect it from blemishes and scratches.

Summing Up

All in all, use these tips to avoid having to repair hardwood flooring and save money.


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One of these days, your floor will need proper repair to fix the nightmarish scuffs. Over time, every floor tends to get minor and major scratches, blemishes and dents. The good news is that you can restore your floor to its original glory.

And this is where the repair costs come into the picture. Often, these costs befuddle people because there’s no single generalized cost. Yes, there’s more than one type of floor, and each one can lead to a different cost structure.

How Does Paid ‘N Protect Runner Come into the Picture?

It is no secret that builders and homeowners pay more in floor repair costs than they calculate. The good news is that the same homeowners and builders can use Protect ‘N Runner throughout the process of moving.

Furthermore, Pad N’ Protect Runner can also ensure protection on a movie set, paint studio, nursing home, and etc. If you want to avoid floor repair costs, Pad ‘N Protect Runner is the answer you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re remodeling or renovating, Pad ‘N Protect Runner can help you save the mountainous repair costs down the road.

That said, flooring repair costs become inevitable when builders and homeowners fail to protect their valuable floor over time. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to know the basic floor repair costs beforehand:

Awareness about the Repair Costs

As much as being aware of the flooring repair costs matter, don’t confuse the average repair costs with the best craftsmanship. Instead, you may have to prioritize and get an expert floor repairing services that can understand the intricate details of flooring.

Repair Costs: Different Floor, Different Cost

Your current flooring type is mostly "the” factor that determines repair costs. However, every floor is susceptible to wears and damages. On the other hand, the severity of the flooring damage also impacts the repair costs.

Let’s take a look at the average repair costs for different types of floors:

  • Bamboo $250 – $500
  • Carpet $100 – $2,000
  • Concrete $300 – $3,000
  • Cork $225 – $500
  • Hardwood $250 – $3,000
  • Laminate $225 – $400
  • Tile $100 – $1,000

Floor Repair Costs and Damage

Generally, you will see the cost structure associated with flooring repair in terms of material. However, the seriousness of the damage plays an integral role. From moisture to floor joists, you may be facing one or multiple flooring problems.

Here is an overview of average repair costs you may have to bear for each flooring problem:

  • Sagging $2,000 - $30,000
  • Squeaky floors $200 – $1,000
  • Scratches $75 – $2,000
  • Sunken floor $2,000 – $30,000
  • Buckling $225 – $3,000
  • Bubbling $225 – $600
  • Water damage $225 - $20,000
  • Warping $225 – $3,000

Pad 'N Protect Runner: The Solution “Before” the Repair

That’s right; the flooring repair costs can quickly add up. And if the surface damage is severe, you may have to pay extra. Alternatively, you’re cost-effective and arguably the best solution is to get Pad ‘N Protect Runner. The protective product will ensure surface protection for any damage.

You can count on the proactive design approach of the Pad ‘N Protect’s Runner to render sophisticated floor protection. Besides, it is waterproof, anti-slip, flexible, and reusable. You can carry the light flooring and eco-friendly Runner surface protector from one spot to another effortlessly. It is high time for you to bid farewell to your flooring blemishes and scratches.

Ordinarily, the evaluation of flooring can be exhausting and may require a professional and expensive company's input. On average, flooring repair costs between $200 and $300. However, you don’t necessarily have to break down the flooring repair cost for a lifetime.

Remember, repair or replace the costs of a floor should always be your last resort. Your focus of attention should be to avoid high floor repair costs. And the Pad ‘N Protect Runner serves as a perfect way to ensure protection and avoid the burden of hefty repair costs.



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Surface protection is everything during construction.

If it’s a full remodel or even a small renovation you want to make sure you’re guarded against any type of spill, damage, or problem that may arise. When picking your surface protector, the material matters. The Pad ‘N Protect Runner and Ram Board both offer quality protection in varying capacities. These two temporary surface protectors can benefit your construction needs but let us break down the key differences.

 They can both give you protection from scratches, spills, and prevent impact damage from reasonable heights. They are equally able to be taken to several different types of jobs at varying locations for whatever your need is for that day. Two install these products onto your jobs they can be easily rolled out onto the surfaces you are trying to protect. They can be taped down for a secure installation but the Pad ‘N Protect Runner includes a sticky adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue which may not be required to tape down.

Visually you can see that the Pad ‘N Protect Runner is a white roll that gives your job site a nice clean look to it and easier to identify/clean any debris. Ram Board’s brown rolls could possibly not make it as accessible to clean any dusty or dirty areas of your job site due to the blending of colors. In terms of mobility the Pad ‘N Protect Runner’s light 11 lbs makes it easier for it to be transported not only around a job site but to other job locations easily.

Installation of Ram Board or other thick gauge paper could lead to difficulties though. When laying out the Ram Board there is a strong possibility of catching dirt or dust underneath the hard surface protector. When contractors or subs walk over Ram Board there is a high possibility of damage such as scratches occurring if dust or dirt are caught underneath. The Pad ‘N Protect Runner cotton like material doesn’t allow for any rubbing up against surfaces where damage could ensue.

Pad ‘N Protect Runner and Ram Board are both great options for your surface/floor protection needs. They both can cover your jobs effectively but have their pros and cons. We believe that the clean white quality of our runner will suit your jobs at the best price.

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Why should you use surface protection during construction?

The main reason would be to protect areas that have already been installed, such as floors, from becoming dirty or damaged while the rest of the project is being worked on. You’ll be able to avoid scratches, dust, mud, water damage, dirt, and other wear and tear in the environment that may get brought in during construction. Setting down surface protection can save a job thousands of dollars in potential damages.

When picking your surface protector, it can be a difficult decision. With so many brands out there to choose from it can be overwhelming. The two highest quality of brands are the Pad ‘N Protect Runner and Econo Runner which include similar qualities. Both our products can be used safely on any surface, paint/waterproof, impact resistant, reusable, tear proof, anti-slip, and can be easily applied. We have the same level of thickness and dimensions at 32’’ by 100’’.

The difference though is a substantial one, price. Pad ‘N Protect Runner is at 20% to 40% less and the lower shipping. The same high-quality protection but at a better price.

For bulk discounts please give us a call at 833-900-1712 or reach out to us on our website. You won’t be disappointed.  

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