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The BASE Plate for Dust & Dirt Stopper Sticky Mat - 25" x 37" Including a 30-layer Sticky Mat

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The Base Plate for Blue Dust & Dirt Stopper Sticky Mat is designed to enhance the functionality of the sticky mat by incorporating a weighted base pad. This pad ensures that the sticky mat remains securely in place on any floor or ground surface, minimizing the risk of falls or trips caused by the mat sticking to your shoes. Additionally, the base includes an anti-slip bottom and an extra 30-layer sticky mat for added convenience.

To safeguard your floors, the base features a non-slip backing that not only protects the surface but also allows for effortless repositioning according to your needs. The Blue Dust & Dirt Stopper Sticky Mat Base is thicker than similar products on the market, ensuring that its weight can effectively hold the sticky mat in place and allowing it to fit easily under most doors.

Our product has been proven effective in various industries, including construction, movie production, microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing, hospitals, laboratories, households, and garages, among others. It offers an exceptional solution for controlling and managing dust and dirt effectively.

Size: 25in x 37in
Color: White
Include: 1 30-Layer Sticky Mat

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