PadNProtect Runner is an easy and cost-efficient alternative to protect your surfaces. It is a unique, high-quality, revolutionary product that enhances protective abilities from regular film or cardboard cover. The runner adds another layer of cushioned protection to prevents your surface from damage, paint, and liquids during shoots, production, demolition, renovation, construction, moving and etc. The runner is a uniquely designed protective product that offers the best floor protection with the following features: 

• 29 cents per square foot

• Size: 32 in. x 100 ft. (266.67 sqft.) The perfect size that can easily go through most doors without curling or cutting to fit

• No logo on the product 

Can be used on any floor/ surface with its safe-on-any-surface type

Completely paint/ waterproof with a protective water-proof clear barrier on top

• Anti-slip/pull, offering the most comfortable and stable to those working on it

• Very easy to apply as it is completely flexible and can be easily applied to any surfaces such as floors, countertops, cabinets, and etc

• Reusable as the Pad ‘N Protect Runner can be easily applied, removed, cleaned, and reused at any place you want with no residue

• Non-skid surface makes the runner stays in place. Unlike the film or cardboard protection, the runner comes with a cotton-like soft material at the bottom. It does not rub on your surface and cause scratches underneath the protection

The runner is made with materials that have high tensile strength and hence are  tear-proof

• White color on the top, and it is easy to clean and maintain

The runner does not leave any ugly residue even when the adhesive bottom is affixed to your floor and removed from it after the moving process is over

• Flexible and easy applied on any and uneven surfaces such as stairs or counters.  The runner is very easy to handle and transport to any place as it weighs only 11 lbs.

• The unique adhesive technology at the bottom makes it easy to use with no taping required to keep it attached to any surfaces

• Affordable price and it is the best floor protection method you can use as a temporary protective product and save your floor from the damages that are possible during your construction, moving or any situation

• Puncture and impact resistant from dropping tools

• Works great on wood, marble, and other smooth surfaces

• Safe for all types of non-porous surface

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Save more money on shipping with a 4-roll pack

PadNProtect Runner - 32" x 100ft. (Available in packs)

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