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All directional protection safety goggles. The goggle has a protective structure around the eyes and can effectively prevent the droplet, particles, and liquid splashing from the laboratory, construction, and other places. It is also resistant to high-speed particle's impact. It effectively avoids the bounce of iron, sand, gravel, and other kinds of solid splash damage to the eyes.


  • Prevent droplets/ small particles to the eyes
  • High light transmittance over 89%
  • Lens up to international optical standards, no degree, no astigmatism, and not dizziness
  • The lens space is wide and can wear the myopia glasses inside the goggles
  • Mirror legs are adjustable, and it can go up and down.
  • Soft glue ear hook to make goggle stable wear.
  • Soft rubber sealing strip with overflow ditch design
  • Three-gear adjustable goggle legs
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-flog
  • Integration nose pad
  • Long duration effective
PadNProtect Safety Goggle

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