Surface protection is everything during construction.

If it’s a full remodel or even a small renovation you want to make sure you’re guarded against any type of spill, damage, or problem that may arise. When picking your surface protector, the material matters. The Pad ‘N Protect Runner and Ram Board both offer quality protection in varying capacities. These two temporary surface protectors can benefit your construction needs but let us break down the key differences.

 They can both give you protection from scratches, spills, and prevent impact damage from reasonable heights. They are equally able to be taken to several different types of jobs at varying locations for whatever your need is for that day. Two install these products onto your jobs they can be easily rolled out onto the surfaces you are trying to protect. They can be taped down for a secure installation but the Pad ‘N Protect Runner includes a sticky adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue which may not be required to tape down.

Visually you can see that the Pad ‘N Protect Runner is a white roll that gives your job site a nice clean look to it and easier to identify/clean any debris. Ram Board’s brown rolls could possibly not make it as accessible to clean any dusty or dirty areas of your job site due to the blending of colors. In terms of mobility the Pad ‘N Protect Runner’s light 11 lbs makes it easier for it to be transported not only around a job site but to other job locations easily.

Installation of Ram Board or other thick gauge paper could lead to difficulties though. When laying out the Ram Board there is a strong possibility of catching dirt or dust underneath the hard surface protector. When contractors or subs walk over Ram Board there is a high possibility of damage such as scratches occurring if dust or dirt are caught underneath. The Pad ‘N Protect Runner cotton like material doesn’t allow for any rubbing up against surfaces where damage could ensue.

Pad ‘N Protect Runner and Ram Board are both great options for your surface/floor protection needs. They both can cover your jobs effectively but have their pros and cons. We believe that the clean white quality of our runner will suit your jobs at the best price.