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PAD 'N PROTECT RUNNER VS. RAMBOARD: Surface Protection is Everything During Construction

In the fast-paced world of construction, where projects vary from expansive remodels to smaller-scale renovations, prioritizing surface protection is fundamental. Guarding against spills, damage, and unforeseen complications is a proactive approach that can save both time and costs. In this in-depth guide, we'll explore the domain of temporary floor protection, focusing on the nuanced comparison between two leading players – Pad 'N Protect Runner and Ram Board. As surface protection takes center stage during construction, understanding the intricate differences between these two products becomes crucial for making well-informed decisions that align with your project's unique needs.

Why Surface Protection Matters:

Whether engaged in a comprehensive remodel or a minor renovation, the need to shield surfaces from potential harm is paramount. Construction sites are rife with challenges, from scratches caused by tools to spills from construction materials and impact damage from reasonable heights. Surface protection acts as a proactive barrier, preventing costly damages that could disrupt project timelines and inflate budgets. Choosing the right surface protector becomes a strategic decision, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly while preserving the quality of installed surfaces.

Pad 'N Protect Runner vs. Ram Board: A Detailed Comparison

Similarities in Protection:

Both Pad 'N Protect Runner and Ram Board excel in providing quality protection against scratches, spills, and impact damage from reasonable heights. Tailored to meet the demands of construction projects, these surface protectors offer a reliable shield for various surfaces. Moreover, their versatility allows them to be easily transported to different job locations, catering to the dynamic needs of construction projects.

Ease of Installation:

The installation process for both Pad 'N Protect Runner and Ram Board involves efficiently rolling them out onto the surfaces requiring protection. While both can be taped down for a secure installation, Pad 'N Protect Runner introduces an additional advantage. It comes equipped with a tacky non-adhesive anti-slip that ensures a secure attachment without leaving any residue behind, streamlining the installation process. This feature contributes to a hassle-free application, saving valuable time on the job site.

Visual Impact and Cleanliness:

Visually, Pad 'N Protect Runner stands out with its clean white appearance, providing a crisp and identifiable look to your job site. The color choice not only enhances visibility but also makes it easier to identify and clean any debris that may accumulate during construction. Contrastingly, Ram Board's brown rolls may not offer the same level of accessibility for cleaning dusty or dirty areas due to the blending of colors.

Mobility and Weight:

In terms of mobility, Pad 'N Protect Runner takes the lead with its lightweight design, weighing only 11 lbs. This makes it easier to transport around a job site and to other locations, ensuring quick and convenient deployment of surface protection as needed. The lightweight nature of Pad 'N Protect Runner contributes to the overall efficiency of the construction process, allowing for seamless movement and positioning.

Installation Challenges with Ram Board:

While both surface protectors effectively serve their purpose, Ram Board, being a thicker gauge paper, may present challenges during installation. There is a strong possibility of catching dirt or dust underneath the hard surface protector when laying out Ram Board. Additionally, when contractors or subcontractors traverse over Ram Board, there is a high likelihood of scratches occurring if dust or dirt are trapped underneath. The cotton-like material of Pad 'N Protect Runner eliminates the risk of rubbing against surfaces, mitigating the potential for damage.

Color and Cleanliness Considerations:

The clean white quality of Pad 'N Protect Runner not only contributes to a visually appealing job site but also facilitates easier identification and cleaning of debris. Ram Board's brown rolls may not provide the same level of cleanliness accessibility, potentially making it challenging to address dusty or dirty areas effectively. The contrasting colors highlight the importance of visual impact and cleanliness in the construction environment.

Durability and Longevity:

Beyond the installation phase, durability becomes a critical factor. Pad 'N Protect Runner, with its unique combination of film layer bonded with anti-slip cotton-like material on the bottom, offers enhanced durability. This construction not only makes it tear-proof but also ensures stability, preventing potential damage from impacts. Ram Board, while robust, may be susceptible to damage if dirt or dust gets trapped beneath the protector during installation.


Cost considerations play a pivotal role in construction projects. Pad 'N Protect Runner stands out as a cost-effective solution, not just in terms of product pricing but also due to its efficient installation process, contributing to time and labor savings. The clean white quality of Pad 'N Protect Runner ensures that you get high-quality protection at the best price.

In conclusion, both Pad 'N Protect Runner and Ram Board are viable options for surface and floor protection needs during construction. Their shared qualities include effective protection, ease of installation, and mobility. However, the key differences lie in visual impact, cleanliness considerations, potential challenges during installation, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Pad 'N Protect Runner, with its clean white appearance, lightweight design, and enhanced durability, offers a compelling solution for efficient and effective surface protection. While Ram Board serves its purpose, the challenges associated with catching dirt or dust during installation, potential scratches, and considerations of cleanliness make it imperative to carefully assess your specific project requirements.
We firmly believe that the clean white quality of Pad 'N Protect Runner, coupled with its practical features, will not only provide superior protection but also suit your construction projects at the best price. The decision to choose the right surface protection is a pivotal aspect of construction project management, and Pad 'N Protect Runner stands as a reliable and cost-effective solution for safeguarding your surfaces during construction.

For further inquiries, detailed product information, or to explore the benefits of Pad 'N Protect Runner, please feel free to reach out to us at 833-900-1712 or visit our website. Elevate your surface protection standards with Pad 'N Protect Runner, ensuring a smooth and damage-free construction process for your valuable projects.
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